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The world's original sports brand.
For nearly 200 years, we have been shouting our love and passion for the game.
Our story began in a leather tannery in Huddersfield, England in 1817. Even then, we were pushing the boundaries and striving to make sports equipment better. Two centuries on, the same impulse still powers everything we do.

Mitre is British, with a primary focus on the country’s most illustrious sporting export: football. But we also play many other sports, which we approach with the same dedication and focus.
Our industrial roots mean we take the technical side of our business very seriously. We value innovation, and we work hard to ensure our products always deliver.
The compelling combination of history and technical expertise has made Mitre part of sports history. To name a few, we were the first official supplier to the FA Cup competition and the English Football League, a relationship that has spanned over a quarter of a century, and is still going strong today.
Despite this professional seal of approval, Mitre understands sport at whatever level it’s played. That’s why we develop products for all ranks – from junior to recreational to professional.
Ultimately, Mitre is the brand at the heart of the game, fighting for real football.

Our Promise
In some ways, the world’s beautiful game has changed radically in the last decade. There’s more glamour. More professionalism. Yet, at its heart, it’s still pretty much the same: one pitch, a pair of goals and two teams competing on the basis of skill and desire.
Real Football is still played every day on muddy pitches, sun-drenched parks and school playgrounds around the world – this is where the true spirit of the game is found.
And this is where you’ll find Mitre, the world’s original football brand.
We firmly believe in sportswear and equipment that puts the player’s needs first, whatever the level.
Football is the game that unites the world – and Mitre is its longest-established supporter.